Children of Osiris

The Beginning

In Egypt seeking Ancient Egyptian treasures, the party commission a dig in the desert west of Memphis. After a week of digging, the local workers find a ten foot cube deep under the sand, with a door on one end. Assuming it is a tomb, they open it up to have a look what is inside.

What they find is much stranger. The cube is larger on the inside than the outside, hiding an entire temple to the Egyptian god Ra. The terrified workers call their employers to the dig, and the party enter the temple with one of the workers to see what treasures might lie within.

They find a temple, several dormitories, two ancient mummified corpses and an infinitely looping corridor before entering an enormous throne room emblazoned with the symbol of Ra, and decorated with enormous statues of the god. The worker flees in fear, but the party stay and inspect the room.

When they turn to leave, they encounter a robed egyptian man at the doors to the throne room. He carries the head of the worker, which appears to have been violently ripped off. Afraid, the party shrinks away from the man, who passes them, and places a hand on the throne of Ra. Torches spark and light throughout the building as it seems to awaken around them, and the Party runs for the entrance when the man tells them “You are not welcome here.” As they leave, he shatters the symbol of Ra, and they see on the way out that all other references to Ra have been similarly defaced.

Upon reaching the entrance, they discover the doors are closed. The robed man pursues them, but they manage to get the doors open and flee out of the desert. Behind them, the robed man closes the doors, and the cube vanishes. The last thing the party sees is a squad of Nile freedom fighters, who raise their weapons and fire.

They wake up in a room identical to the throne room they had just run from, but the throne is whole and the huge rectangular windows, which in the throne room had been sealed up, here look out over a city shrouded in twilight. In the throne is the mummified corpse of Ra himself, twelve feet tall with his head resting on the great sun disc on the back of his throne.

Unsure of what to do, they take stock of their surroundings. A few minutes pass, and then a bright flash bursts from the sun disc on the throne, momentarily blinding everyone. As their vision returns, they see that Ra is no longer a mummified corpse, but a living man.

His voice booms across the room, though he appears only to speak normally. “Thieves! you have entered the temple of Ra with greed in your hearts, and led the servants of Apophis to my gates.”
His brow creases, corners of his mouth tightening and turning his lips to a thin line. “This is a grievous crime, but luckily for you these are desperate times. I have use for western barbarians.”

He stamps one sandalled foot, and the great golden doors of his throne room open behind the group to reveal a vast atrium. In the centre stands Horus, the falcon headed god. Horus strides into the room, stopping at Ra’s feet and saluting him. “Horus is my general in the world of men. He leads the war against Apophis and Set. But he is limited, trapped in the holy lands of the Nile by the colour of his skin. He cannot pursue Set’s followers into the barbarian north. You three have all died at the hands of Nile warriors, your bodies are in the hands of Horus’ human followers. I have preserved your spirits, and if you agree to help I will return you to the land of the living. If not… You will pay for your crimes against the Gods in the fields of Du’at for all eternity.”

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